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heather plum

This post sounds so inspired. I love stories and photos of Marianne Faithfull. Plus, she's with a dalmatian! Be still my heart. Thanks for hitting a homerun with this one. I think it's written so well...with such creativity and sensitivity.


Love it! these photos are great - do you know where i can purchase such prints??

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Does anyone remember the bright multi-colored aluminum glasses from the 1950s or so? They came in sets of multiple colors. Are they safe to drink out of?

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Thanks for inspiring me with this blog. I just can't help myself adore the old fashioned days that brings back the time. But as I have observed everything is all coming back. The fashion styles now a days were somehow inspired by the old great days, what only differs is that it is being designs modernly but still the essence is soothing. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.


I worked for Marianne whilst a lot of these photo's were taken and have a lot myself. We are back in touch. I live in Canada now

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Jag känner mig glad att läsa så bra inlägg, vill jag tacka författare för denna fantastiska efforts.this inlägget är bra i fråga om både kunskap och information. Tack för tjänsten.

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