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these colors are stunning! i am so excited for you that you are going fulltime vintage vendor, traipsing crost the land to find and photograph your wonderful wares, there is such magic and inspiration in such a life. and of course things are falling into place as it should be when you follow your heart. by the way, glad you liked ursula! that poem is from the book Incredible Good Fortune and many of the poems have a zany and ancient feel of california, the land and people and energy, that i am digging so much right now.

andrea gutierrez

so awesome!
well, first, congrats for getting ready to this full time! how amazing and wonderful that is. second, these shots are so cool. just like i told you gals back when you are doing violet folklore with amber, you need to get a photo book out or something! very nice..


congratulations! thats so incredible that you are now able to work on the store full time. more confirmation that if we believe in ourselves, the universe DOES deliver us exactly what we need.

not to mention the photos are jaw dropping. love the two maxi's!


big huzzah!

Sarah Louise

The first and last images are especially gorgeous, I love the colours!

Mousevox Vintage

Sasha, I was just telling someone the other day that, for the past 3 weeks, I have been given everything that I've asked the universe to give me. I am so happy to see the same for you. Keep those good intentions flowing!

linda yosso

Wow! Awesome!


Totally amazing, you girls look great and the artsy set, Laura is awesme!!


The pictures truly are amazing Sascha darling; and I'm so thrilled for you to be taking up Astral Boutique permenantly. Bravo! I have similar aspirations myself, and you're such an inspiration!

I cannot wait to see your progress.



okay,i have had several days to let these photos simmer in my mind...and i still can't shake the envy i have for them! i covet them! it's all very sinful, actually, but in the best possible way. you both look stunning, the photos are incredible, the whole thing is just lovely and perfect in every way. laura works out of sac, huh? c&c is in sac, too. hmm.....

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