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these are incredibly gorgeous sasha, what a magical place full of tigerlilies...i didn't even know this happened in the sierras! and i just have to say, you have some of the best pieces EVER in your shop right now. that vest, the embroidered dresses, and that amazing prairie dress with the open back, and in this setting, good lord i swoon.


sooo pretty, love the orange flowered dress and the orange flower **


absolutely gorgeous photos. i love your blog! just discovered it, and i'm so glad i found it!



spectacular pics, as always! you live in some beautiful country up there! wow.

also, i featured one of your etsy items on my own blog today. :) check it out if you have a moment.


i messed up the link somehow i think...agh! trying again...


Mousevox Vintage

These are all so beautiful and the tiger lilies really are remarkable!

It looks like I'm going to get to go back to Northern California in a couple of weeks! So excited!

runic rhyme

Great photos, Sasha. Thanks for bringing us along ;]


You have done a marvelous job with these photos capturing your beautiful soul in the splendor of your colorful dresses and the flowery meadows. The photos are enchanting, and convey a quality of sprightly delicacy and wonder. I can almost smell the flowers and trees, and hear the streams...I'm inspired to get out to the Sierras again myself and bask in these quiet, magical places.

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