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runic rhyme

*gasp* That belt!

You're adorable, and sweeter than pumpkin pie :]


This is so awesome! Not to mention inspiring to get off my tush and really do something with my little crafts and hopefully join you ladies someday. Oh to be able to meet and hang with you guys! Ahhhh...I'm hoping : ) GREAT style!


That was wan awesome day, I can't wait for the next one!


looks so fun. there are so many talented, amazing ladies in nevada county! glad you are back blogging again!


p.s. blogged about one of your lovely items here! :)


sadie rose

SOOoooo fun!!! Here is my post with big shout outs to you, pretty lady. xoxo



Sadie lives close to you?! That's it. I need to plan a visit to your neck of the woods and meet you both the next time I'm in NorCal (which is going to be 10/14-10/21 with a weekend in Tahoe thrown in somewhere).

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yeah...! cool.I like it.

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