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Oh my goodness I have never ever been to a wedding that was even half this interesting. Looks like it was a fantastic time. I'm really digging all the pageantry, too, and your fantastic bridesmaid's dress. I was once told, "Go buy whatever you like at Laura Ashley" so I did and then the bride made me exchange it for whatever she liked at Laura Ashley!

I've never once regretted that Paul and I just went to the courthouse to get married, but...this ceremony just looks awesome. I'm a wee bit jealous!

Violet Folklore

I am soooo thrilled that you shared all of this! Hearing all about the wedding prep from you and Lucia this summer was blowing my mind, and I have to say that it turned out even better than I imagined it would. The raft is so dreamy, and I wish I could have heard Dylan's songvows. I don't know of another couple that shares so many passions and ideals, or of another woman who is so talented and seemingly endlessly energetic! And your dress is so YOU! Dream come true. And I can't get over how beautiful Bluebird's daughter's are. LOVE.

Toni Oswald

WQow wow wow!!!! This looks beyond amazing! It is like the freakin' Mist of Avalon!! I was truly transported reading this and looking at the photos and imagining the night time canoeing, etc. All the dresses were tremendous...the embroidery on yours!!!!!! Wowza! What true beauty and love was put into every moment. Thanks so much for sharing Sasha and seeing you and Chris made me miss you guys so much!! Lots of love to you both!! xoxoxox Toni

sheri Gregoire-capobianco

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Sheri, I don't know anyone in Santa Monica named Ali- did you recognize someone named Ali in the wedding pictures? -Sasha

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Holi Smokestacks! This must be The Most Amazing Wedding Celebration Ever! You look lovely, of course. Well heck, everyone looks utterly magical. I love your hair too.

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