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Some ladies are blessed to have wonderful eyebrows without plucking, you included. I, on the other hand... well, let's just say I MIGHT look a little like Frida Kahlo should I not..


I try to keep my eyebrows from being too scraggly, but I hate plucking so I often go around for weeks with a few extra hairs under the arch but whatever. I naturally have thick, arched '50s-style brows. When we first moved here and I was salon shopping, I went to get a hair cut and I had just plucked my brows a couple of days before my appointment so they were nice and clean. The beautician asked me if I'd like for her to "shape" my brows. I took one look at her scrawny brows and extricated myself from that situation as quickly as possible. What is UP with the judgment from people about eyebrows? It reminds me of being in high school and people coming up to me and telling me that my naturally-curly hair was frizzy. It was as though I'd committed a crime against humanity.


i love her. and i love a full brow, too--i think most women look more youthful with a more natural brow (because have you seen a young woman with skinny little comma-shaped brows?! it makes her look so old!).

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