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I remember at your wedding reception he stood up to toast you both and said, "Sasha was always meant to be a success at whatever she does. I know this is part of that." Or something like that. Go float, Gentle Giant! Love to you all!


This made me cry. What an amazing man your dad was! I too love trains, driving and investigating every route possible to and back from regular destinations. I hereby resolve to begin every roadtrip from here on out with the opening lines to On The Road Again :) J. xoxo


Roddy was so right about crossing the bridge - I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want to see that view:). He had the exact same Snoopy on the kennel as I bought my husband, another toy collector:)). I think the two of them would have got on marvellously as hubby shares so many of Roddy's interests - planes, anything with an engine that moves, psychology, vintage toys and telling a story:)). You look so much like your mother Sasha, both incredibly beautiful women, and you have your father's deep kindness and love of life. God be with you dear man. Big hugs to you my friend Sasha, Desiree xoxoxoxoxo


This was wonderful to read and I learned things about Uncle Roddy that I didn't know - as he graduated high school the year I was born. The fact that I did not see him frequently when I was growing up, does not lessen the impact he had on my life. In'shallah, I will be "on the road again" very soon and will be thinking about him - his spirit remains.

Violet Folklore

Oh Sash, this was beautiful. What a full life. What a neat guy. I'm so disappointed that I never met him. No wonder you are who you are. How lucky you are to have had such a passionate father. You bet he's receiving transmission of your words here and can feel the impact they're having on your readers. He knows how much you loved him, he knows his work here was good. Float on, gentle spirit.


That was beautiful, Sasha. Your father must trully have been a man like no other. I'd be willing to bet that he's read this and loved it. He's lucky to have had a daughter like you.



Thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute sash. I always enjoyed time spent with you and Rod! I love you.


What a lovely love note to a wonderful man. I'm sure his spirit is soaring high as he dines on ribs with Martians, sharing jokes, life stories, and flight plans. Xxoo


Sasha, its so hard to distill a life into just a few pages but you have done it beautifully and your love shines through. Rod was always proud of you and he always will be.


A toast for amazing fathers and the time we get to spend with them in passing from energy to energy. Much love to you and yours.

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