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sasha, you are truly an inspiration! your hairstyles and accessories and styling are so unique and elegant and wondrous; i just can't even. ..i just can't....

your four years of astral boutique have been four years of delightful eye candy and pure creative inspiration and spark for the rest of the world. i salute you and i LOVE that you indulged in this posts...there were a few shots i missed over the years, and i savor each dreamy one.


Happy four years of utter magic and beauty!!!!
There is no one in the world like you, Miss Sasha.
This anniversary definitely requires much celebrating!!!

Rachel // Mousevox

Happy birthday, Astral Boutique! How lovely that you and your dream share the same sign. I very distinctly remember that first photo. It seems like I just started following along with your vintage adventures yesterday, but it really has been 4 years! Yay!

rachel nevada

how nice to catch up on the years of astral boutique that i missed! you are an incredible creature.

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